Laser gum cutting

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Laser gum cutting is a modern treatment used to treat excess gums that cause teeth to appear shorter than they really are. The laser is used to locally and accurately remove part of the excessive gums, which helps to improve the appearance of the teeth and make them longer and more beautiful.

Laser treatment is safer and more effective than traditional methods of gum reduction, and there is no significant bleeding or pain after treatment. Thanks to the high precision of the laser, excessive gingival tissue can be removed with extreme accuracy, thus limiting any damage to the teeth or surrounding tissues.

Laser gum cutting treatment is a non-surgical process, and the treatment does not require many visits to the dentist, and patients can return to their daily activities after treatment quickly without any disruption.

However, you should be aware that laser treatment is not suitable for all cases, and may be ineffective in some cases. The condition must be carefully evaluated by a specialist dentist before treatment is carried out.

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