Root canal treatment (nerve treatment)

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Root canal treatment is a common medical procedure used to treat teeth that have nerve inflammation or root damage. The treatment is performed by removing the damaged nerve, cleaning the root and filling it with anti-inflammatory and anti-infection materials, with the aim of saving the tooth and preventing its loss.

Root canal treatment is divided into several stages, and the steps involved vary according to the condition of the tooth and the extent of damage it suffers from. These stages include:

1- Diagnosis of the problem: The tooth is examined by the dentist and the necessary examinations, such as x-rays, are performed to determine the extent of damage to the root and the extent of the need for treatment of the root of the tooth.

2- Anesthesia of the tooth: The affected tooth is anesthetized with strong anesthetic substances to relieve pain during treatment.

3- Opening the tooth: A small cut is made in the surface of the tooth to reach the root and remove the damaged nerve.

4- Root cleaning: The root is cleaned with special tools to remove dead tissue, bacteria and sediment.

5- Root filling: The root is filled with anti-inflammatory and anti-infection materials to prevent recurrence of infection.

6- Tooth reconstruction: In cases where the damage to the tooth is significant, the tooth is rebuilt using filling or crown fittings to restore the tooth to its normal shape and improve its function.

Root canal treatment requires experience and high skill from the specialist dentist, and it must be carried out with precision and care to ensure the success of the treatment. The patient must also follow the doctor’s instructions carefully to maintain general dental and oral health.

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