Dental protection for children

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Teeth guard (also known as dental pillow) provides additional protection for children’s teeth during sleep, is easy to use and helps reduce pressure on the jaws and reduce the possibility of tooth displacement and decay.

The teeth guard is made of soft and comfortable materials and is designed to fit comfortably in children’s mouths, and it can be used at night while sleeping. The dental protector works to reduce jaw pressure and distribute forces between the different teeth, which helps reduce the possibilities of tooth movement and decay.

Dental guards can be obtained from medical supply stores or dental clinics, and you can choose a dental guard suitable for the age of the child, and make sure that it contains the necessary certificates that guarantee the safety of the product.

The dental protector must be cleaned regularly with soap and water, and dried well before use. It is recommended to change the dental protector regularly and not use it after a long period to maintain oral hygiene and maintain dental health.

Children should supervise the use of a dental protector, and warn them not to chew it or chew anything else. It should also be avoided using it for long periods of time during the day, as this may lead to deformities in the teeth and jaws.

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