Hollywood smile

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A Hollywood smile is a popular, attractive smile that distinguishes white, symmetrical, straight, and well-aligned teeth. It is named after the famous American film industry in Hollywood, where famous movie and television stars are represented

A Hollywood smile is usually achieved through cosmetic dental procedures, such as:

1- Orthodontics: Brackets and wires are used to move and adjust the teeth to achieve the appearance of straight and aligned teeth.

2- Teeth whitening: Teeth whitening materials are used to achieve whiter and brighter teeth.

3- Fitting artificial teeth: Special artificial materials are used to design new teeth that resemble natural teeth.

4- Gum aesthetics: surgeries are performed to adjust the gums and improve the appearance of the teeth.

It must be considered that achieving a Hollywood smile requires a lot of effort and money, and the patient must speak with the dentist to determine the best and most appropriate option to obtain a beautiful and healthy smile.

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