Laser removal of gum pigments

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The use of lasers to remove pigments in the gums is one of the modern and effective cosmetic treatments. The lasers convert light energy into heat energy, which causes the pigments on the surface of the gums to break down and vaporize.

The laser is used in teeth whitening treatments to remove the pigments that accumulate on the teeth and gums due to smoking or consuming soft drinks, coffee or tea, and it can help improve the color of the gums and make them brighter and healthier.

Laser gingival pigment removal is performed quickly and easily, and the treatment is performed topically to avoid pain. The patient can return to his daily activities after treatment quickly, and the results can last for a long time if the oral and gum hygiene is maintained.

However, you should be aware that the laser cannot remove all types of pigments, and it cannot be used in some difficult cases. Also, laser treatment can be a little expensive, and may not be available in all dental clinics. Therefore, the patient should consult with the dentist about whether laser pigment removal is the best option for his condition.

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