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Surgical orthodontics is a surgical procedure used to correct severe deformities in the jaws and teeth that cannot be treated with regular orthodontics. Orthognathic surgery is performed by orthognathic surgeons who are qualified and trained in this type of procedure.

Each case is evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine whether surgical correction is the best option. Deformities that can be treated with orthodontics include, but are not limited to, functional and aesthetic improvements to the upper and lower jaw, elimination of overexposed teeth, correction of jaws that are too small or too large, correction of occlusal defects, and treatment of injuries and accidents affecting the jaws.

Surgical straightening is usually performed under general anesthesia, and the procedure involves removing part of the bone in the upper and lower jaw, and securing it back using wires, screws, and metal plates. Surgical calendar requires a long recovery period between 6 to 12 weeks, and the patient must adhere to the doctor’s instructions after the procedure, take prescribed medications, and take care of the surgical wound to avoid complications.

Patients should consult with their physician to determine whether orthodontics is the best option for their condition and to determine the potential risks and benefits of the procedure.

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