Root canal treatment for more than one canal

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In some cases, the root of a tooth has more than one canal, and requires treatment for each canal separately. This type of root canal treatment is more complicated than single canal root canal treatment, as the dentist has to focus on each canal, cleaning and filling it well.

The steps begin to treat the roots of the teeth with several channels in the same way as the root of the tooth is treated with one channel, but these steps are repeated for each channel separately. The tooth is opened, the root of the tooth is reached, and the number of channels is determined. Then each channel is cleaned with special tools to remove dead tissue, bacteria and sediment, and each channel is filled with materials that prevent inflammation and infection.

Root canal treatment is a complex surgical procedure that requires high skill and experience from the dentist to ensure the success of the treatment and avoid potential complications, such as leakage of anti-inflammatory materials out of the canals or the formation of abscesses.

The patient must adhere to the instructions of the attending physician after treatment, follow good dental and oral health care, maintain oral hygiene and healthy nutrition to ensure dental health and prevent future diseases.

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