Root canal treatment

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When the root canals of the teeth are narrow, root canal treatment can be more challenging. The narrow duct can be difficult to access, increasing the risk that not all dead tissue and sediment will be removed from the duct, and thus causing recurring infections.

To solve this problem and treat narrowed tooth roots, the dentist can use special tools and advanced techniques to widen the canals and clean them completely. These tools and techniques can include:

1- Water-based oil tools: These tools are used to better clean narrow channels and remove dead tissue and sediment.

2- 3D imaging: 3D imaging can be used to analyze the shape and size of the channels and plan the treatment strategy.

3- Laser: A laser can be used to widen narrow channels and clean them completely.

4- Microscope: A microscope can be used to provide a better view of narrow channels and improve their cleaning.

Root canal treatment for narrow teeth is a complex procedure that requires experience and high skill from a specialist dentist. The patient must adhere to the instructions of the attending physician after treatment, follow good dental and oral health care, maintain oral hygiene and healthy nutrition to ensure dental health and prevent future diseases.

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