Zircon fixtures

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Zircon fixtures

Zirconia fixtures are a type of ceramic fixture that is used in dental restoration and cosmetic dentistry. Zirconia fixtures feature durability, durability, and a beautiful, natural look.

Zirconia fittings are made of zirconia, a strong and durable ceramic material that resembles the natural material in shape and color. Zirconia fixtures are used in therapeutic procedures such as:

1- Cosmetic dental fixtures: Zirconia fixtures can be used to restore damaged or missing teeth due to decay, fracture, or trauma.

2- Bridge fixtures: Zirconia fixtures can be used to install a dental bridge to compensate for the loss of a tooth.

3- Changing the color of the teeth: Zirconia fixtures can be used to change the color of the teeth and make them brighter and more beautiful.

Zirconia fixtures provide the perfect combination of durability and aesthetics, and give long-term results and high dental durability. These fixtures are used primarily in dental restorations and dental aesthetics, as they give beautiful and natural results that resemble natural teeth. A dentist can be consulted to determine the appropriate type of zirconia fixture that is suitable for the condition of the teeth and the desired goals.

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