Zold fixtures

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Zold (gold) fixtures are a type of mineral fixture used in dental restoration and cosmetic dentistry. Zolde formulas are characterized by durability, durability, and a beautiful, natural look.

Zolde fixtures are made from a mixture of solid gold, copper, platinum, and silver, and are shaped to fit the shape of the teeth and jaw in the mouth. Zold formulations are used in therapeutic procedures such as:

1- Dental restoration: Zold fixtures can be used to restore teeth damaged by decay, fracture or trauma.

2- Bridge fixtures: Zold fixtures can be used to install a dental bridge to replace the loss of a tooth.

3- Cosmetic dental fixtures: Zold fixtures can be used to replace cosmetic teeth to improve the appearance of the teeth.

Zolde fixtures offer high durability and are typically used on teeth hidden in the mouth, where they are not very visible. These fixtures are used in some special cases or at the request of the client, as some patients prefer to use pure metal fixtures for their teeth instead of ceramic or zirconia fixtures.

It should be considered that Zolde formulas usually require additional processing procedures and special manufacturing, which raises their cost significantly compared to other formulas. The patient should talk to the dentist to determine the best and most appropriate option for his condition.

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