Immediate cultivation after extraction and cleaning of the abscess

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Immediate cultivation after extraction and cleaning of the abscess

Immediate dental implants are usually postponed after extraction if there is an abscess around the tooth to be extracted. An abscess represents an inflammation of the soft tissue surrounding the tooth and may contain bacteria and germs, which may lead to infection at the implant site. Although dentures provide protection against infection and help improve quality of life, treatment of the abscess prior to implantation is necessary to prevent infection.

An abscess is usually treated by cleaning the area with salt water, and taking antibiotics and painkillers to reduce pain and swelling. In the case of a severe abscess, the affected tooth is gently extracted and the abscess site is carefully cleaned. This process can be painful and take some time for the soft tissue surrounding the infected tooth to heal.

After the abscess is cleaned and the infection is controlled, immediate dental implants can be started after extraction. It is important to note that the implant may be delayed if there is not enough bone surrounding the missing teeth, and the implant is postponed until the bone has been reconstructed with a bone graft procedure.

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