Immediate cultivation and combination using Swiss implants within 3 weeks

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Immediate cultivation and combination using Swiss implants within 3 weeks

Immediate dental implants and their installation using Swiss implants can be implemented within 3 weeks if suitable conditions are available. However, it should be noted that this procedure requires careful evaluation of each patient’s individual circumstances.

Swiss dental implants made of medical titanium are used to implant teeth and fix them in the jaw. These implants are characterized by durability, stability and biocompatibility with the body. The artificial teeth are installed on the implants after the body can tolerate them, and the success of the implant is verified by x-rays.

Each patient should be evaluated individually to determine if the appropriate time to have immediate dental implants and implants using Swiss implants is only 3 weeks. The factors that are determined include, but are not limited to:

The amount of bone available in the jaw
The condition of the gums, jaw and adjacent teeth
Presence of any infection or inflammation in the area
The patient’s general health and medical history
The patient’s commitment to follow the necessary instructions for postoperative care and rehabilitation.
Patients should consult their dentist to determine whether immediate dental implants and Swiss implants within 3 weeks are the best option for their individual case.

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